We’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep at The Sail Loft.

Our mattresses are the same quality that you’ll find  in some of Scotland’s finest hotels, supplied by Glencraft in Aberdeen. All the walls are very well insulated, so you shouldn’t hear a sound – unless you crack open the window to enjoy the gentle lapping of the sea just a few metres away.

Bed linen is provided and we ask that it is used instead of your own bed linen or sleeping bags.  Clean towels are also available at very reasonable cost. All bunks and beds have their own reading light and individual secure locker large enough to store mobile devices, tablets, camera and more.  The beds are designed to be both singles or doubles, so we can easily accommodate your parties’ needs for your stay.  We also have cots available for visiting families.

The accessible single bed room with adjacent toilet and shower room and the 4 and 6 bed bunk rooms are on the ground floor. The 2 and 3 bed rooms are on the first floor, accessed by stairs.

The Bunkrooms

We have two bunkrooms available: one with 4 beds (2 bunks) and one with 6 beds (3 bunks).

The Bedrooms

We have four 2 bed rooms with plenty of room for a cot in each if required. These are available for private (sole) use and also have adjoining doors for larger groups and families visiting together.

We have two 3 bed rooms, also with plenty of room for a cot. These are ideal family rooms.

We have a single bed, wheelchair accessible room with its own adjacent toilet and shower room.  If you require accessible accommodation for your stay please ensure to make this clear at the time of booking as we do only have one fully accessible room available.


Separate, modern and clean male and female toilets and showers with lots of hot water are close to the bedrooms.  Hairdryers are also available.

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